Pisces Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Love brings trifle squabbles or over-possessiveness, as the month begins. Give space to your partner. Professionals remain busy, immersed neck deep in work. Around 2nd/3rd – Mercury shifts to your 11th House, while retrograde Venus re-enters Libra – your 8th. On 5th you may be dismayed or emotionally hurt. Hang on, as this will get better soon. On 7th, you remain somewhat quiet or subdued. 8th is the New Moon day, which is sure to bring you out of your shell. You will be inspired, brimming with hope. Moon now connects with Jupiter, facilitating opportunities for gains and growth. Mercury moving through your 10th House prompts you to cut corners. Don’t! Around 10th / 11th – ruler of your Sign Jupiter moves to its (other) abode – the fiery Sagittarius – your 10th House. Good tidings continue. Positive influence of Jupiter over your 2nd House will add strength to your financial position – but this will happen gradually.

At the moment, you may be in some discomfort, given the ongoing issues in your personal life. A plenty of cosmic drama ensues in coming few days. Aggressive Mars moves to your Sign; this will keep you energized and active. Venus becomes direct – ringing in even better news. Mercury, however, turns retrograde in Sagittarius – your 10th House. Most notably, malefic Rahu shifts to Cancer – your 5th House, while Ketu enters Capricorn – your 11th House – associated changes here will manifest over the coming few months. On 19th and 20th, selling off an old asset is on your mind, or maybe some financial decisions.

However, with Mercury in retrogression – results are likely to be delayed. It is good to wait, thus. Venus is now direct in your 8th House. This makes you detached, prompting you to work from your comfort zone. You shall be averse to taking risks. However, Mars moving through your Sign views Venus in the 8th House. This leads to a strong urge to strike it big for enjoying a lavish lifestyle. Quite contradictory notions – so watch your mind! Focus on now and present – instead of living in your pipe dreams. Around 24th, Sun makes it foray into Sagittarius – joining the cosmic party in your 10th House. On 26th, there is something about speculation, shares or lotteries that enchants you. Easy, tiger! 28th and 29th may bring to fore a personal tiff. Don’t feel so hurt. Give the other person a chance to explain.


Single one may not enjoy pleasures of life to the fullest. You may have some worries at the back of your mind. You may carry some apprehensions. Those single in love and in a long term relationship, will be keener on improving career prospects and prefer to delay marriage for now. But at the same time you will work to strengthen the bond in your love life. Your relationship will deepen and get enriched. In a meaningful relationship, some issues may crop up. However, if it is your fault learn to accept it. This will help in nourishing your love.


Combination of two benefices in the ninth house will give you ample opportunities to earn handsome monetary gains. Fringe benefits and returns on your investments will fetch you a good fortune and add to the strength of your financial portfolio. There will not be any major concerns like loss. Or debts. You will remain in high spirits. Make sure not to burn a hole in your pocket and disturb the bank balance. Control your buying instincts. Those who deal with foreign resources will gain wealth from those resources.


Mercury here holds good promises for you in your career. You will be inspired with methods to put up improved performance in your work. Life is certainly not a bed of roses. You will have to struggle to keep your position intact. Benefices will also facilitate good opportunity to business person for striking a profitable deal that can open the door to profits. You will rise well and earn a lot of fame too. Those employed will be supported by planets to channelize your energy in the right direction. There will be obstacles no doubt. It will test your determination to move ahead.


Your health will need your attention this month. Stress at work can take a toll on your health. Take control of your eating habits and ensure that you stick to a healthy diet. Eat as much as you can chew only. Minor health issue like common cough and cold may trouble you here. Afflicted Sun can lead to viral infection catching up with you. Diabetic needs to be much careful here. Follow the diet strictly as prescribed by your physician. This month is a good time to start a new physical activity. Join a gym and see the change in your health

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