Pisces Weekend Love Horoscope – February 23 to February 25, 2018

You might be feeling a bit more fragile than usual as suggested by the strong focus in your chart, Pisces. If this is so, make an effort to keep things in a promising point of view so you don’t overreact to certain circumstances more than you should. Being mindful of your feelings will help you to get through the weekend without any unnecessary conflicts so stay rational if you want your love to do the same so that you can both be considerate of each other – doing so will help your relationship grow even more secure, Pisces.

If you think that you have missed out on a chance for romance with someone you’ve been having an attraction to, don’t be discouraged single Pisces. Even though it looks like things don’t turn out the way you want them to, you need to stay focused. Someone who is attracted to you is waiting for the perfect moment to make their move so go with the tide and let life take the reigns. Love is coming your way and when it does, you will fall suddenly and completely in love, Pisces.

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