Pisces Weekly Horoscope 02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018

Not only is it Pisces season, but this week has pure magic in store for you! On Wednesday, February 21 fantasy-fueled Neptune (your co-ruler) and amorous Venus, which is “exalted” in Pisces, form an exact conjunction in your sign. You’ll be in tune with your dreams and deepest desires, plus you’ll have the manifesting mojo to bring them into reality. It’s almost like being granted three wishes by your own personal genie. So… what does your heart crave most? If you’ve been waiting to bring up a wild idea, knowing you’d vibe out the perfect moment, consider NOW! Your magnetism is at full-strength, cranking your powers of persuasion to “high.”

People won’t be able to say no to you—though you might bump up against a “let me get back to you about this.” That just means you need to keep applying that gentle, subtle Pisces pressure until they finally come around to your way of thinking. You’ll be so aglow you can probably score a table at that booked-weeks-in-advance restaurant or tickets to the sold-out show. Stay in your power and you’ll be unstoppable; but lose it and you’ll be susceptible to Neptune’s wily ways—in the guise of a sweet talker who’s ultimately full of empty promises.

Over the weekend, you may feel yanked toward two very different magnetic poles. Venus in your sign is dialing up the warm-fuzzies, but a dicey square from driven Mars in Sagittarius and your ambitious tenth adds some dynamic tension to the weekend’s vibes. Of course, relationships require a constant recalibrating, and your kind-hearted sign is always willing to compromise to keep the peace (and because you want your friends and partner to be happy!).

But late Saturday into Sunday, you risk putting your personal goals aside for the sake of work—or a more forceful personality. The measure of your love isn’t based on how much you sacrifice. It may be a tough call to make, but it could actually give you insight into where you “leak” energy when you shape-shift to fit someone else’s mold. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by resentment—and then acting out passive-aggressively—think about what you stand to gain by prioritizing YOUR desires and what you could lose if you don’t. When you’re happy and fulfilled, you have more to offer other people, making that choice a win-win for everyone. But if you give it up for somebody else, who benefits from that?

On Sunday, you might remember to utilize your special superpower. No, Pisces, it’s not trying to weigh the facts and balance the scales. (You’d love to do that, but you always get distracted by other thoughts and feelings, and then a favorite song comes, which makes you want to lie and reflect on who you were with the last time you heard it…) What gives you an edge over all the other signs is the ability to use your intuition like a tuning fork to divine the truth. On Sunday, analytical Mercury gets schooled by your co-ruler Neptune, encouraging you to express your truest desires and supporting you in your self-directed decisions. When you follow your heart, you don’t have to worry what others think. As long as you’re living in your truth, that’s all you have to “worry” about!

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