Pisces Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

The social side of your life continues to be busy and quite intense. In fact, the start of the week could leave you wondering if you’re spending too much time tending to community projects, committee meetings, or friends. While you could probably make a few adjustments, if you’re enjoying life, keep doing what you’re doing.

It would also be helpful to keep a list of key dates this week. With sociable Venus angling toward dreamy Neptune, you might accidentally forget an important family get-together or other event.

The end of the week could see you enjoying a shopping spree and a spot of retail therapy. It would be just as well to give yourself a limit, however, because you could be tempted to purchase certain items on impulse. While small treats are likely no problem, keep the receipts for anything expensive in case you experience buyer’s remorse.


You have the best daydreams! You can get lost for hours thinking about your future lover’s looks, personality, and other qualities. And there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing if you aren’t quite ready for romance in the real world just yet. You get inspiration from some interesting sources over the weekend, but you must be very comfortable with someone to let go of your inhibitions. Trust doesn’t come immediately, but it’s worth the wait.


It may not be noticeable in any obvious way, but this is the period when things begin to turn for the better. If you have employees, this is the time to improve their skills. Businesses and jobs tied to skilled trades or finance can find employees and other necessary resources. This period could bring a complaint. Listen carefully even if you change nothing. Proactive people will be your best allies. Their enthusiasm works in your favor.


Once again, challenging life situations may be causing you to feel tired and out of sorts. This problem is unlikely to go away overnight. You need to take extra measures to ensure that you stay in great shape. Don’t resort to junk food in order to feel better. Eat good quality, fresh food. If your nerves are at the breaking point, try meditation and yoga.

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