Sagittarius Horoscope for Aug 13, 2018

You should look especially good today, Sagittarius, and feel outgoing and charming. Friends, neighbors, and strangers may comment on how great you look. Communication is apt to be warm, informative, and supportive. Relationships of all kinds should strengthen. If you can schedule a date for tonight with your partner, you may get an especially enthusiastic and gratifying response. Enjoy your day!


Excitement, unpredictability, uncertainty are all words that spring to mind concerning today’s planetary energy. You may not know where a certain relationship is going, but whilst you’re getting there, you won’t be bored. Between the walls of the office environment and at home, you begin a conversation that has no appearance of ending in any sort of hurry – and could indeed continue for quite some time.


Feel free to trust other people. Sometimes you may take on extra tasks in the workplace because you don’t trust that others can get these things done on their own. Have faith and know that others will support you when you lean on them.


Walking the line between exerting yourself and conserving your energy is a delicate practice that needs the support of a healthy diet. Too much carbohydrate and fat consumption can take the vitality right out of your system! Take a couple of days to clean yourself out. Try making light meals of soup and salad to give your digestive track a break. At the same time, drink a daily herbal tea of Wood Betony and Verbena.

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