Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

With a lively focus on your leisure sector, the week ahead could see you enjoying opportunities to get out and about and have some fun. The only factor that might be an issue is cost. On Monday, you may feel guilty about doing something because of the expense. However, if it’s a one-time experience, why not enjoy yourself?

On Tuesday, the cosmos encourages you to listen to your instincts. You could link up with a promising opportunity if you do.

You could be a little more rebellious and determined to do your own thing at the end of the week. With chatty Mercury aligning with electric Uranus in your recreational zone, almost anything goes.

On Sunday, you might seek experiences that are thrilling but risky. There is no harm in enjoying yourself, but it might be wise let others know where you’re going.


You need excitement. You need passion. You need a frequent change of scenery, and you need to be challenged! Yes, it’s a tall order, but you’re worth it. If the person you’re currently interested in can’t see what a unique catch you are, it’s time to move on. You shouldn’t have to beg anyone for attention! Think positively for the best dating experiences over the weekend. It’s OK to have a good time even if the person isn’t “the one.”


You may be coping with a strong sense of injustice for what seems to be an unfair decision. Don’t let this spoil your mood. Others need you to be organized and supportive. Some things that have been delayed will at last start to move forward. Expect better communication with customers, superiors, and vendors. You may be feeling particularly scattered. Talk to someone you trust if you have to choose between two attractive options.


Although you have a wonderfully strong constitution, you do love sweet, rich, and fatty foods that can lead to a tendency to gain weight. Now some problems may lead you to indulge even more. Recognize what you’re doing and choose a less fattening alternative to dealing with issues. Exercise is a wonderful way to feel better in mind and body.


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