Scorpio Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

Today might be a good day to take a second shot at something that didn’t work out the first time, Scorpio. Falling flat on your face can damage your self-esteem and confidence, but such things are part of life, and they really do add character. By going back into the ring, you ensure that you build courage and perseverance.


This is a much more harmonious day for all kinds of relationships, whether close-up and personal, or purely platonic. The day’s planetary energy indicates that there is a great feeling of openness, and a willingness to share on a warm and friendly basis. Conversation is pleasant, and it is possible to have a great discussion whilst also sharing from the heart. It’s a good day for a party.


You have more influence over other people than you think. Most of the time, you don’t utilize this power because you are usually just going with the flow. Now is a key time for you to assert yourself and get others working alongside you.


There is a lot to be said for getting some exercise in before you get to work in the morning. Communication difficulties tend to fly by the wayside for those who jog before work, get to the gym when it opens, or even just walk to work. Take your body seriously and you will notice the effects in your personal and professional life. With today’s cosmic climate it’s a good time to negotiate these kinds of commitments with yourself.

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