Scorpio Horoscope for Aug 23, 2018

You may need a translator to get through to people today, Scorpio. It could be hard to make decisions, but not impossible. Today’s tip is to err on the side of adventure. Trust that good luck will pull you through if you take risks. You may feel unappreciated. Ask for help when you need it, but don’t rely on others to heal you. Most of this work needs to come from within.


It depends on how you are already feeling as to how you respond to the energy of the current planetary aspect. If your partner so much as puts a foot in the wrong step, they could be ostracized forever – or at least until tomorrow. You will need to watch out for hasty words and things spoken in jest, which may unfortunately be taken the wrong way. Don’t jump to conclusions.


Your tendency may be to gloss over the fine print and let some one else take care of that department. Be careful here. If you leave this important job to someone else, he or she is likely to perform it with his or her own interests in mind.


Watch yourself carefully and try not to allow your attention to be pulled from place to place. With the positions of the planets at this time, you will be offered an opportunity to get more out of life if you stick to your commitments. It creates an environment of discipline and duty, which, if you follow through on your end, can support you in achieving great things for yourself (of your choosing!).

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