Scorpio Love Horoscope – Feb 25, 2018

A surprise meeting at work may transform your day into something a little more delightful than it might normally have been. Today’s planetary atmosphere indicates that someone will breeze into your life, sweeping away your usual concepts of how a relationship should begin or continue, and also create an opportunity for you to get to know them a lot better. Some great times lie ahead!

This is the day for some spring cleaning of emotional baggage, particularly if you want a fresh start in your love life now. Your subconscious is a good source of strength as long as you let go of outmoded ways of thinking about love and romance. If you’re in a committed partnership, be careful that you may encounter a mini flare-up today, but luckily it won’t last long or do any real damage. Letting go of negativity is the most positive thing you can do in matters of the heart right now, so says your intuitive power and emotional intelligence.

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