Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – February 2018

Forget about March—February comes in like a lion this year! As the month begins, you’re still feeling the aftershocks of the January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo, which blasted into your tenth house of career, status and long-term goals. What the WHAT? Eclipses can knock us off our comfortable perches and impel us to make bold moves…or scramble to adjust to sudden changes. Everything from a job shift to a departmental restructuring to a star turn in the spotlight could be on the agenda without warning. If something IS “eclipsed” away, don’t cling to it. The universe is clearing a space for a much better fit to come in. Since the tenth house rules men and authority figures, there could be curveballs involving a guy in your life, perhaps your father or a higher-up at work.

With lucky Jupiter in your sign until November, you’re already feeling the push to be more assertive, daring and visible. This recent eclipse, in showy Leo, is demanding that you step into your power. You’ve earned the right to lead or command respect, Scorpio, and there’s no need to hide. The public wants what you’re offering! You could get your own version of an Oscar nod—a month before the celebs traipse down the red carpet for THEIR Academy Awards, to boot!

As you try to manage all this momentum around your work and public profile, February also puts the focus on home and family. The Sun is in Aquarius and your domestic fourth house until February 18, joined by caring Venus until February 10 and chatty Mercury until February 17. Prepare for some work-life juggling, Scorpio. Things will be active on both fronts!

On February 15, a partial solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Aquarius and your homey fourth house, turning an important page around your family, living situation or emotions. (Or all of the above!) This may be a continuation of events sparked by January’s eclipse. For example, a plum job offer could involve relocation or a new schedule that changes up your whole routine, affecting whomever else lives under your roof. The fourth house rules women and mothers, and an important female could be involved in the shifts that come at this eclipse. Some Scorpios could get pregnancy news (your own or a relative’s) or think about adding a new member to your family. You could decide, perhaps suddenly, to move or get serious about buying or selling real estate.

February 15 also kicks off the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog. You, of all signs, might actually miss the fastidious Fire Rooster energy when it departs (such a productive and no-BS lunar year that was!). Now we move into a more collaborative cycle for 12 months, since the Dog is all about #packgoals and loyalty. Start your search for that rare breed of human who can keep pace with you, Scorpio. A small, tightly curated tribe can take your grand ideas to new heights this year.

In spite of all this eclipse action, it might take until March for the whole picture to reveal itself. February is an unusual month because there are NO full moons, meaning things may not fully develop until the March 1 full moon. Just as well: There’s enough excitement to handle in this short month without a full moon to make it any stranger!

But oh! We skipped over Valentine’s Day, didn’t we? (We’d never do that to you, Scorpio!) To be frank, this year could be a fairly uneventful visit from Cupid. Not only is V-Day on a Wednesday, the moon is also in its “balsamic” (nearly new) phase, which could make everyone a little tired, cranky and checked-out. Plus it’s sure to be overshadowed in the planetary press by the next day’s eclipse. Pro tip: Save your celebrations for Friday and Saturday, when la luna and vivacious Venus are nestled in Pisces and your fifth house of romance. You’ll be MUCH more in the mood for love, whether you’re single or coupled.

Once the Sun moves into Pisces for a month on February 18, you’ll have four full weeks to focus on the L-word. Matters of the heart could take center stage. It’s also a fabulous time for creativity, as the Sun in your fifth house of self-expression turns you into a one-Scorpio idea machine. If you’ve been trying to duck the spotlight (to no avail), you’ll feel much more at ease under its bright beams now. Let your heart lead the way, and make time in your busy schedule to explore new avenues and adventures. Get tickets to a live show, take a fun day trip, mix up your routine. Novelty awakens your brain and jolts you out of stagnant patterns. Once those creative juices start flowing again, there’s no telling what you’ll come up with next!

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