Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

A change is on the horizon. Have you been looking for a job? Maybe a transfer or relocation is on the agenda. Whatever it is, this may also mean better designation and remuneration. When the month begins, as a business person, you may explore new territories. Around 2nd/ 3rd, two significant planetary changes take place – Mercury moves to a fiery Sign – so watch your words; and retrograde Venus re-enters Libra. Love birds keen on tying the nuptial knot do not get the cosmic nod. Have a heart! On 5th, Moon moves from your 12th House. You may not be thinking right. Wrong decisions and misunderstandings are likely.

Go slow! Pipe dreams and wild thinking will be fruitless. On 11th, a major planetary change takes place – Jupiter, after staying in your Sign for over a year, moves to its own Sign – Sagittarius – your 2nd House. Good times shall continue, provided you stay determined and dedicated. But, momentarily, there may be some chaos. Blame it on the cosmic drama that’s soon to unfurl – with so many planetary moves in the course of the next few days. Jupiter and Mercury now move through your 2nd House – there will be lots of talking. Travel is likely too, but stay guarded. Soon, Venus becomes direct in Libra – your 12th House. Take a deep breath – avoid temptations. Mars moves to Pisces – your 5th House.

Crafty Mercury turns retrograde in 2nd House, auguring some challenges. Most importantly, in a major astral move, Rahu shifts to Cancer – your 9th House, and Ketu takes charge of Capricorn – your 3rd House. Results of this will manifest in the coming months. Vibes on the 19th don’t let you think straight. You may not be well, possibly. Take a break from work, if you can. On 22nd and 23rd, your mantra should be to conserve – resources, energy and efforts. In relationships and family equations, be candid and clear – but also polite and tactful. Misunderstandings are likely. After 24th, with combust Jupiter and retrograde Mercury in your 2nd House – expenses may rise. Health may suffer too. Careful! Do not abandon your fitness plans. As the month ends, you wish to indulge yourself. Hit by cupid’s arrows, you wish to spend time in close company of a special one.


Those in love will now be keen to jump into marriage and be united in wedlock. But wait! It is not a suitable time now as your planets are not in position. Your guardian angel, Jupiter too is state of combustion. There will be some issues in a meaningful relationship with your family or close neutral friends. Try to resolve it. After all you wouldn’t want to spoil relationships with people who matter to you. In the third week, be prepared to allow romance to fill your love. Yes, cupid will make an entry and love will blossom. Married ones will be happy.


Jupiter, having come out from the state of combustion is not going to rest until, it blesses you with wonderful opportunities to earn money. You will receive signals to push your financial growth ahead. You will benefit from your past investments and savings. In excitement you will spend money unsteadily. Fortunately, Saturn and Mercury together in the second house will make you wiser in handling money matters. Plan your future investments in the third week only as the planetary positions will be favorable then.


Business person and professional will have a hectic schedule ahead. There will be meetings, and negotiations of deals, signing of agreements, reviewing past strategies and much more. On the other hand those employed will have sufficient time and will take things coolly. This is the best time to freshen your skills by reading books on management skills or even attending a short term evening course on Better management. Towards the end of the month you will receive a better platform to showcase your skills.


In regard to health, stress will cause you to have problems with the digestion. A change in your lifestyle as well as your eating habits is strongly recommended. If you are prone to outburst of anger, well, anger management is needed. All this alone can give you relief from acidity and slow digestion. With proper balanced diet, and the Sun moving through your sign, you can expect a better immunity level. You will enjoy days of blissful health and well-being. Be on guard against any accidents. There is a possibility of falling from a height or getting injured. Take care in this matter.


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