Scorpio Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

There is still an intense focus on your sector of communication, which will continue for some time yet. However, Monday could coincide with a misunderstanding, which may be due to a genuine mistake. Before you say anything, it might be wise to let things stand for a day or so because it may well come to nothing.

Tuesday can be a good day for a romantic date or fun social event. If you’re invited out, make the most of it.

The weekend could see you looking for a way to escape your usual routine. As expressive Mercury connects with restless Uranus, you may not be content with your normal activities. If so, this can be a good time to experiment with new ideas or sign up for an interesting class or experience. You never know if this could lead to new and positive developments in the future.


Are you jiving with someone new? Do you think about the person all the time, even when you’re supposed to be focused on other things? You don’t fall in love easily, but when you do, you fall quickly and hard. It might not be time to use the L word, but don’t count it out either. If an ex or past crush resurfaces this weekend, you have a choice. Do you feel like going forward or backward? The next move is yours.


Your careful and reserved manner will serve you well now. Expect to see some results from all your dedication and hard work. This period brings a focus on health. This can include a conversation with your human resources representative. It can open doors in any health-related occupation. Avoid overanalyzing any situation between co-workers. There’s no benefit to expecting perfection in yourself or others. Repair or replace tools that aren’t working properly.


There has been a lot of activity in your health zone and this looks set to continue. It should help you make sense of all that has happened lately with your health. Now you can begin to make progress and develop a lifestyle that supports you in the healthiest way possible. Whatever you experienced, you’ll now be on the way to recovery.

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