Taurus Weekly Horoscope For 02/04 – 08/04

This week, you could see a situation in your world as offering little in the way of choice. In truth, you do have a choice. In fact, something you’re weighing up fascinates you. You could be captivated by it because part of you wants to be captivated by it but this could also give a strong – and wrong – impression that you’re ‘stuck’ in some way. Use the intent focus you’re granted this week to spot and trust the freedom – and freedom of choice – on offer to you. You needn’t continue to feel a false sense of restriction.


This week, you might believe it’s necessary for you to “stand your ground“ or leave a loved one or potential partner in no doubt about what you think or feel about a certain matter. Combining determination and stubbornness in ways you appear keen to might be admirable on one level, but unhelpful on another. Your mission this week involves standing your ground where it is essential to do so, but being able to “give ground“ when it’s necessary. You can’t have it all your way.


This is a back to front week, with the professional gods absent during the week, but in full force over the weekend. It is the Moon’s return to your work sector on Saturday that will begin the weekend’s Full Moon, one that may mean keeping your work hat on over the long weekend. However, there is no coincidence that this Full Moon falls over Easter, for this is the Full Moon that determines when Easter falls each year. Often it will fall during the week leading up to Easter, but can fall at any point during the six days leading up to Easter Sunday. Yet falling over the weekend and especially if you have a long weekend, will give you a chance to stand back and listen to all that the Full Moon might trigger. As the first Full Moon here since lucky Jupiter left in October and Mars left in December, this could trigger some unexpected developments.


For now you are allowed to eat both: gluten free and guilt free. There seems to be no major threats to your health. But don’t get all ‘sitting in a hot tub’ relaxed. Even if no problem is envisaged for now, it doesn’t mean it won’t catch you unaware. So be precautious and keep visiting those clinics. However, the diabetics may need to follow a strict dietary instruction of their physician. This is just to avoid any further complications. It is also good to have a regular check up to keep tab on any fluctuations in blood pressure and blood sugar level.

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