Understanding the Capricorn Woman

he Capricorn woman is not just an ordinary woman. Often too serious and mature, she is just waiting for a “warmer” atmosphere meant to allow her to be herself. She won’t be caught gossiping or talking about trifle things, but if she happens to become the centre of attention, you must be prepared for a good laugh.

The Capricorn woman possesses unimaginable resources, many of which are tempered by the fame of this astrological sign as an “old” one. She rather thinks that she doesn’t need to cast pearls before swine.

At first sight, you might be shocked by the Capricorn woman’s lack of charms due to her not paying attention to her way of dressing or to make-up. However, a man claming to be a woman expert, will know how to unleash this hidden femininity and let it manifest naturally and spontaneously. It will reveal in pale hues and elegant lines, which combine old cuts with the latest underwear, all in a conscious neglect of shapes and fragrances.

At first glance, the Capricorn woman doesn’t strike anybody, but her separating from the others, her being silent and her convenient and significant interventions, with a good sense of humour, will make her presence noticed. The Capricorn woman knows how to blend the Pisces woman’s ineffective romanticism with the Scorpio woman’s deliberate assault. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly turn into the main character of a great love affair, which implies both the required discretion and the erotic weapons that you didn’t even guess she had.

The Capricorn woman’s presence in your life could count as a book about lost civilizations or as the entire cinema programme for the last three months. She has a special relation with time, which will lead you to believe that she came either too late or too early into your life.

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