Virgo Love Horoscope – Feb 25, 2018

Secretly you quite enjoy being shocked, although you wouldn’t actually admit to this. The auspicious planetary alignment may bring you an even bigger surprise than you had anticipated, though. A meeting with someone who only looks normal, but in fact has a very unique approach to living could revolutionize your love life. Although you may not let them know how impressed you are, secretly you are bowled over.

When a lover says yes one moment and no the next, it may be confusing to say the least. You’re eager to make the best decisions for your love life even though you’re not sure what’s going on at this point. Be careful as you deal with reality tinged with illusions. Romance can be tricky to verify but verify you must, especially before you take action. You can trust what you feel in your heart, but if the object of your affections is still confusing you, then it’s time to have a clarifying conversation.

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