Virgo Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Love brings happiness, but finances give you jitters, as the month begins. Malefic Rahu moving through your 12th House increases expenses. Plan your finances with a long-term perspective. On 3rd and 4th, planets bring happiness – with love and cozy moments. Beware, though – if you are single – your elders may pressurize you to get married. Reveal candidly, if there’s someone in your life, or get ready to comply with your family’s demands. 5th and 6th get dominated by finance and family related matters. It is not that you earn less, but your desire for more seems to become stronger now.

Spend time with your siblings too. If a work/ business related trip is on your agenda, schedule it now – as you should avoid travel later in the month. Around 10th/11th, a long term planetary change takes place – Jupiter moves to optimistic Sagittarius – your 4th House. On 12th, your mind remains filled with work and ambition. However, things may not move as swiftly as you desire. Barring a few troubles at work-place, though, there may not be much scuffle – on surface. As for the cosmos – it is another story. In the days that ensue, a plenty of planetary changes are lined up. Don’t worry, though, as the results of all of them won’t be manifest immediately.

Venus becomes direct in Libra – your 2nd House. Mars enters Pisces – your 7th. Be careful; don’t get aggressive or harsh in relationships/ partnerships. In a long term planetary moves, Rahu shifts to your 11th House – Cancer, while Ketu moves to your 5th House Capricorn. And, your Sign ruler Mercury turns retrograde. Avoid major purchases or financial decisions. 19th and 20th are great days – enjoy while this lasts. You may miss an opportunity that surfaces, but planets throw it your way again on 23rd/ 24th. Business brings gains; professionals perform well. Stay careful in the domain of relationships; keep a conciliatory approach. By 25th, Sun moves to Sagittarius, your 4th House. Spotlight falls on your heart and house. Think positive, wish positive! Health remains good, and the home turf brings you happiness. However, don’t jump on every new opportunity that comes along. Not everything that shines is gold!


Things do not seem to be good in your relationship with your loved one. You would like to end all ties. Think carefully before taking a final call. Love birds keen on tying knots need to wait for some time till benevolent Jupiter comes out of combust state. Marriage at this stage can turn sour. Some of you may find the one you are looking for on a sojourn. Love will surly blossom and you may return back home having fallen in love. Those in deep love for a long time might elope with your loved one, with the support of a relative.


The planets will support you in strengthening your financial portfolio but still for some reason you will not be satisfied at the outcome. Though minor gains will keep you in a cheerful mood, you will yearn for some more. Take major decision related to finance only after due deliberation. Since Mars, the ruler of the eighth house is posited in the house linked to finances, you need to be careful and cautious about money matters; you can incur loss of money. Be careful of your expenditure. The clash between Sun and Saturn can lead to unexpected incurring expenses.


Jupiter and Sun moving through the third house will facilitate occasion to meet noteworthy persons, who will play a major role in pushing your prospects ahead. As these people matter in your growth, you have to maintain the compatibility if you want to achieve success in business. Travel is on your cards this month for signing a deal. Career oriented will remain committed to his/her office and will work with improved efficiency. Soon you will get a larger platform to perform and show your true colours. However, you may have to spend more time at work to complete the assignment.


You seem to be enjoying a sound health this month. The crispy and brilliant month of November will make you feel energetic and fill you with vigor. You will work relentlessly and put your best foot forward. Those who have a cavity, will now have to visit the dentist. You have delayed the issue too long. Those suffering from vitamin deficiency will have to bear pain in the joints. You will need to visit a physiotherapist who will direct some exercise. The third week will cause a trouble to some of you as an old malady may surface again.

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