Virgo Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

The start of the week could see you faced with a number of distractions. With convivial Venus angling toward ethereal Neptune, you could find it difficult to concentrate on a task if someone is trying to get your attention. If the work is important, you might have to be firm with this person.

On Tuesday, the sun links with positive Jupiter, which should make the day quite positive. Some words of advice or a potential opportunity could boost your spirits considerably.

Chatty Mercury makes an awkward angle to feisty Mars over the weekend, which could mean that you find it hard to see eye to eye with someone. And with restless Uranus also in the mix, you could be feeling independent and unwilling to compromise even if it’s in your own best interests. If this means you will upset a supportive friend, reconsider.


Are you in a dating rut, Virgo? You love your creature comforts, but sticking to the same routine day in and day out probably isn’t allowing you to live your fullest dating life. Take baby steps toward change and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to something new. The weekend can go by smoothly if you take the other person into consideration. Asking a date’s preferences before planning your evening together is a nice touch.


This period can bring conflicting emotions. You may be in a position that is comfortable and familiar, but clinging to past successes isn’t always the best career move. Marketing efforts and team meetings are favored. Stop and make some promises to yourself. Don’t be afraid to surrender any position that is no longer working for you. A new start is possible if you’re willing to explore your options.


You may be living on your nerves as aspects bring issues to a head. At such times, your diet may go haywire. If you find it hard to eat three meals a day, try smoothies or smaller meals that make digesting much easier. You may also feel drawn to such practices as yoga, meditation, or tai chi, any of which will soothe your mind.

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