How to Win the Gemini Woman’s Love

Nowadays, an invitation to a movie has already become obsolete. A woman pretending her suitor to be educated may also be old fashioned. Therefore, a man could seldom be faced with a dilemma in the presence of this clever, talkative and well-informed Gemini woman because she always lends herself to pranks and especially to all sorts of cranks.

Do your best to be more practical. The Gemini woman, like all Air signs, shows an unexpected sexual interest along with its correspondent shyness to tackle this subject practically, not just in theory. Just tell her you need her help with your diploma paper, that you have a great movie or that you have discovered a worldwide debate around Jupiter’s rings on the Internet. It doesn’t matter that Jupiter has no rings! Admit you were wrong, but go on telling there’s something interesting there, on that site, whose real significance you can’t decipher by yourself. Keep in mind though that this little lie must contain a grain of truth, otherwise the Gemini woman will leave you on the spot.

Praise the Gemini woman’s mobile phone (if it is one of the latest models), let her know about some electronic Larousse, boast about your personal library and show her your last collection of napkins since you were a child. Try to make the subtle transition from the field of knowledge to the one of love by resorting to delicate, quick foreplays, impregnated with a good sense of humour and common sense. The Gemini woman is extremely smart and will immediately realize what you want. She even may be willing to help you, but – keep this in mind! – on the condition you know how to play.

The Gemini woman doesn’t need a brutal, “greedy” and led by instincts lover, the kind of player who plays in the “extra time”. She likes polished, funny men who lend themselves to pranks and are experts in the art of love, not as sexual performance, but as “stylistic innovations”. If you don’t fit this profile, just move on.

The Gemini woman thinks that a relationship, which implies walks, making love and even marriage, can end at the first encounter. Though it looks like she wants you to fill her mind with knowledge, in fact she is just waiting for a Prince Charming to fill her heart with love and her spare time with erotic games (regardless if it is at night or during the day).

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